Muslims in many cases are seen kneeling and prostrating on little stitched rugs, called "islamic prayer rugs" or muslim prayer mat.  For anyone new to the use of these mats, they might resemble small "persian carpets," or merely nice pieces of embroidery.

While in prayers, worshippers bow, kneel, and flat on to the floor in humbleness before The almighty. The sole condition in Islam is the fact that prayers be done within an area which is clean. Muslim Prayer Rugs are not universally utilized by Muslims, nor specially required in Islam. Nevertheless they have become a traditional method for many Muslims to guarantee the hygiene in their place of prayer, and to create an isolated space to pay attention in prayer.

A Muslim Prayer mat is normally around one meter long, merely enough for an adult to fit easily when kneeling or prostrating. Modern, commercially-produced rugs in many cases are produced from silk or silk cotton.

While a few carpets come in solid colors, they are generally ornamented. The models are often geometric, floral, arabesque, or reflect Islamic landmarks such as the Ka'aba in Mecca or Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. They are usually made to ensure the carpet features a distinct "top" and "bottom" — the bottom is where the worshipper stands, and the top points towards route of prayer.

Whenever the moment for prayer shows up, the worshipper lies the rug on the ground, so the top points towards the route of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. After prayer, the carpet is without delay folded or rolled, and put away for the next use. This helps to ensure that the rug remains clean.

The Arabic word for a prayer rug is "sajada," which comes from the same root word (SJD) as "masjed" (mosque) and "sujud" (prostration).

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